Software developer with broad IT experience: requirements, coding, product owner, managing devs/testers, running builds, client interaction. Discovered that my passion is with coding and currently building up my skills. Goal: to build deep coding skills on a dev team.


Role: Requirements work, Development, Testing, Project Manager
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University of Virginia - BS Electrical Engineering

Concentration in Digital Systems, included CS courses: Software Dev Methods (C++), Computer Architecture (assembly), Computer Organization & Design, Software Engineering

North Carolina State University - Continuing Ed

Courses included: Data​ ​Structures​ & ​Algorithms (Java), Computer Networks, Technology Entrepreneurship, Change Management for Engineers


  • Python
  • Flask
  • VueJS
  • Linux Ubuntu
  • MongoDB
  • Django
  • Celery
  • Bootstrap
  • Ansible
  • git
  • Splunk
  • REST
  • PostgreSQL
  • JIRA
  • Nginx/Gunicorn
  • AWS


Software​ ​Developer


Feb 2017 - Present

Studying​ ​computer​ ​programming​ ​courses​ ​to​ ​supplement​ ​my​ ​university​ ​dev​ ​classes​.​ ​ Focusing​ ​on​ back-end development... Python, deep-learning, scripting, integration with 3rd-party APIs, adding AJAX updates. Using Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, turtorials, blogs.

Technical Project​ ​Manager​

​Johns​ ​Hopkins​ ​Medicine

Mar 2015 - Sep 2016

  • Assisted in roll-out of EMR System, Desktop Integration, & Voice Recognition App
  • As a "hands-on" PM, I went beyond task-tracking to get involved on the technical side
  • Interviewed end-users for technical needs
  • Maintained test environments for integration
  • Troubleshot new vendor builds
  • Coordinate​d production install ​across​ all teams (VM, Desktop, Cloud, Network Security, LDAP, SSO, devs, vendor)
  • Production troubleshooting on go-live

Product Owner + Devops


Jun 2013 - Dec 2015

  • Owned the test/build/release process, made bash script to automate upgrades
  • Spec'd new features with customers, management, and devs
  • Created test cases, docs, and configured JIRA for issue workflow
  • Created SQL queries for metrics
  • Introduced Splunk to analyze and monitor logs
  • Tested features, log analysis of java web app for bugs

Product Owner + Devops

Johns​ ​Hopkins​ ​Medicine

Aug 2011 - June 2013

  • Built-out Image Sharing site for hospital to receive and transfer medical images
  • Coordinated maintenance of our production and test environments
  • Troubleshot application and environment issues
  • Vendor assessment across 5 companies for web application
  • Designed workflow enhancements, release planning, maintained feature roadmap

Web Developer


Nov 2010 - Aug 2011

  • E-commerce PrestaShop CMS site for wine retailer
  • Google Map integration into custom PHP site for food delivery startup
  • Static marketing sites (custom, Drupal) for taxi and office advertising businesses



Feb 2006 - Nov 2010

  • Led requirement gathering effort for the 2010 US Census mobile app deployed to 120,000 devices
  • Worked closely with devs to understand technical complexity and limitations
  • Ran team of 3 direct reports for functional testing
  • Part of end-to-end deployment of 4 year solution - from prototype to implementation to field testing to live production support
  • Created strategy reports for useage/deployment/security of smart phone and tablets for clients in Telecom, Pharma, and Consumer Products
  • Specified mobile solution for data-capture by Nurses for dialysis patients

Software Developer


Jan 2005 - Feb 2006

  • Developer for business logic and front-end of native Windows smartphone app
  • Integrated with custom data-access layer. C# .NET and Sybase database
  • Helped define API documentation between native app and embedded mapping application

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